Social Media Monitoring

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Your analytics program relies on timely data. Business Wire has teamed with NUVI to bring you real-time visual intelligence for social media. NUVI makes social conversations on the web actionable and insightful using elegant dashboards and unique visualisations.

NUVI Functions

Instantly see what people are saying about you across the internet, respond to the most important conversations, and influence behaviour in real time. NUVI Opens in new window is a browser-based application which has been designed so that real-time visualisations can be embedded into other web portals, such as your website. It also works on all web-enabled mobile devices.

NUVI currently analyses the entire Twitter stream, public Facebook posts, public Google+ posts, YouTube comments, Delicious, Reddit, and over 5 million RSS feeds. Access to WordPress blogs and comments, Tumblr, Flickr, and other social feeds will be available soon.

In addition to the real-time stream, various dashboards and visualisations that allow you to monitor, compare, analyse, engage, and take action on the vast amount of social conversation happening about your brand or the topics important to you are also included.

Request a Demo

Call us at 020.7626.1982 and we'll set up a personal demo of the NUVI platform, illustrating what NUVI can do for you.