Monitoring & Measurement

Business Wire NewsTrak reports provide quality press release measurement, including detailed release metrics, search referral data and audience engagement information.

Measurement is a key part of any public relations campaign. Business Wire NewsTrak reports, available with every distribution that includes our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable bundle, help you measure the performance of each individual press release. NewsTrak provides data from a broad spectrum of Business Wire network recipients, including news organisations, media sites, search engines, social media services and consumer information systems, to help you determine message effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) based on your own goals for each release.

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With NewsTrak, you receive:

  • Detailed release view metrics, broken down by destination, location and version (including views on the English-language and EON: Enhanced Online News sites, and any translated versions).
  • Traffic source information, including direct views and referral data from search engines and social networks. Find out how many views came from Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Search term referral data. See the terms people searched to find your release, broken down by search engine, search term and release version.
  • Tracking over Business Wire's proprietary global network, including websites and mobile destinations to which your release was distributed. This section includes live links to your press release, and monthly visitor data (where available) for each website plus the Business Wire mobile site and iPhone app.
  • Multimedia stats. See how many times your photos, videos and other multimedia assets were viewed and downloaded, including how often your videos were viewed and 'liked' on YouTube.
  • User engagement data. See how often your release was shared by readers on social networks and how many times readers accessed the hyperlinks included in your release.
  • Comparison tools. Compare the performance of a single release with past releases.
  • Exportable reports, to create your own reports and presentations. Each section is individually exportable as an Excel file, or the entire report can be exported as a PDF.

Data from your NewsTrak report is available as soon as one hour after your release is transmitted and is updated continuously for two years.

NewsTrak Clips: Ongoing Monitoring

NewsTrak Clips provides the broadest, most in-depth media monitoring coverage in the industry via an easy desktop interface. Powered by CyberAlert, its powerful proprietary software monitors online news sources, television news and consumer discussion groups, more than 52,000 international news sources in 75 languages and 189 countries. With customised search profiles of up to 15 keywords and phrases and full Boolean search capabilities, you'll get more clips delivered to you each day. All clips are stored online in a fully-searchable, password-protected database, giving you 24/7 access to your clip archive from anywhere.

Each clip contains a link to the original source for easy click-through. Information is provided on media type, circulation, web or broadcast rankings, and reach. You can assign your own notes to each clip, and move, forward and email clips to other NewsTrak Clips users or outside recipients.

For more information on NewsTrak Clips or our free monitoring services please contact Business Wire on +44 (0)20 7626 1982 or email us at