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Every day, Business Wire delivers hundreds of press releases from our member companies and organizations simultaneously to media around the world. Use Business Wire as a primary news source for text, photos, multimedia, regulatory news and other content, and get company news when it happens.

Useful Press Release Features

Business Wire-issued press releases include a Company Information Center with quick links to information including financials and SEC filings, plus complete contact information for easy follow-up. By registering with Business Wire, you'll have confidential access to two year's worth of our news archive, providing you with a valuable historical news database.

Custom News Options

Business Wire provides news releases in 19 languages and in hundreds of industry and subject categories. Our PressPass service lets you customise your news preferences to get only the news you need, and then receive your headlines via RSS at, email or the web.

Multimedia Resources

With Business Wire, you'll have fast, one-click access to company logos, photos, audio and video. Photos are publication-ready and provided in low- and high-resolution versions for print or online use. Audio and video are delivered in a variety of bitrates and in all the most popular streaming web formats, including Windows Media, Quicktime and RealMedia.

Real-Time Customised News Content on Your Website

Business Wire works with your IT or web services department to create a Custom News Site featuring real-time press releases, logos, photos and other multimedia, using your site's style and navigation. A Custom News Site is designed to increase the amount of region- and/or industry-specific news content on your site.

To start receiving Business Wire news, please register and set up your news preferences, or contact our Media Relations team for more information on +44 (0)20 7626 1982.

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RSS: How To Build Your Personal News Stand

In an eleven minute video we will explain what RSS is and why you might want to start using it. We cover topics including how to find and subscribe to RSS on the web, getting started with an RSS feed reader, subscribing to Business Wire's RSS feeds, and a few handy RSS tips and tricks you might not know.

RSS: How to Build Your Personal News Stand (Windows Media Player file)