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Deliver your news via the Press Association, the national news agency, and reach national and major regional newspapers, TV and radios stations across the UK and Ireland.

The chosen delivery method of the PR industry, your press release is transmitted over the Press Association Opens in new window newswire, in full-text, directly onto thousands of editorial screens across the UK and Ireland. In addition your news is repackaged for digital services and platforms including, websites, mobile phones and teletext services. Your press release can also be accessed via Mediapoint Wire, the PA's internet-based breaking news service, subscribed by journalists and communications professionals across government organisations and businesses.

For maximum exposure in the UK and Ireland, Business Wire will also:

  • Post your news onto major high trafficked news sites, search engines and databases, including AOL, Bloomberg, Business Wire, Factiva, Google News, Lexis Nexis and Thomson Reuters.
  • Make your release available to Business Wire PressPass, our proprietary database of thousands of journalists registered to receive breaking news.
  • Include your choice of industry trades for maximum impact and disclosure to specialist audiences.

Tell your story to the national media: call us on +44 (0)20 7626 1982 or email us at

Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable Press Releases


Press releases sent in English by Business Wire will automatically include Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable (GMSM) features bundle, such as content distribution to mobile devices, social media tagging, monitoring and measurement reporting, and posting on high-trafficked websites Business Wire and EON: Enhanced Online News.

Distribution Lists

Would like to know which media points are included with your press release distribution? Is your news relevant to specific industries? View our wide selection of circuits and trades at available in the UK and Ireland.

Disclosure Services

Business Wire offers complete UK, European, Canadian and US disclosure services for all types of announcements.

Press Association Facts

  • Every year, the PA newswire delivers 50,000 press releases and pictures to every major media outlet in the UK and Ireland.
  • Content sent over the PA wire is delivered, simultaneously, using the same coding as the PA's own editorial copy, to every UK editorial system, past their firewalls, in seconds.
  • The PA wire delivers to designated editorial baskets - it's not mixed in with all other incoming email.
  • Wire content is "opt-in" solicited copy, so there are no spamming issues.